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They can only be created from your retirement annuity fund, pension fund or preservation fund.
Types of Annuities
1. Standard Living Annuity:
Your income is set on a yearly basis according to the fund value and income level chosen.
2. Life Annuity:
You receive an income for life at a set percentage and a set yearly increase
3. Fixed or guaranteed annuities:
Your income is set for a period and there after it can change according to the fund value.

The investment funds we use:
We use the best funds for growth in the market and we diversify your funds between them for optimum growth:
 All Liberty Funds
 All Momentum Funds
 All Discovery Funds
 All Sanlam Funds
 Allan Gray Equity
 Allan Gray Balance
 Coronation Balanced Plus
 Coronation Equity
 Coronation top 20
 Old Mutual Rainmaker
I am Retire-ing !!
Who we are ?
We are independant financial advisors that compares more than 8 quotes for you at different investment companies, so that you pay the lowest fees and get the best return on your funds.
What to do?
As us what do a quote on your pension fund, your provident fund, your retirement annuity or other investments to determine your income from now on.


Invest though us and you will pay only 0.3% as initial and as ongoing fee
That means you will pay less that 1.1% on costs with some funds.

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2. Goals

The primary goals  is to maintain your standard of living.
With over 90% of people not able to retire with the same income as there last salary, sufficient fund management and growth is required to maintain an income that will provide the minimum required income per month to survive on. Capital growth is important to keep up with inflation.
Unfortunately a lower income is the result of poor or neglected savings strategies.
What do I do about it.
With Bluecare Financial Advisors we take your savings into our capable hands, not only to give u an income but to see to it that your capital investment grows sufficiently, so that your income can grow, until death.
With regular fund management reviews and guarantees,  your nest egg can be save with us.
Our fee structure that is lower than the standard 3%-4% in the market will help u allocating more funds towards your investments and ultimataly give u a higher income.
How much tax am I going to pay when I retire. More about my Taxable amount when I retire
How do I start my retirement
We make it easy for u to make a decision on which investment option to choose.
We provide u with up to 5 quotes to see which one is the best. They include quote from: Liberty Life - Momentum - Sanlam - Discovery - Stanlib
After u have made the choice we will take u though the steps to convert your pension, provident or Ra to a living annuity and then we start managing your funds for optimum growth.
Request a FREE Quote from us and we will take you though the process of getting the best of both worlds:
Low fees, and a good structured devisified annuity.

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