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I am Retireing !!
3 Options to invest my funds in, when I retire from my Pension - Provident- or retirement annuity Fund
 Standard Living Annuity
Your income is set on a yearly basis according to the fund value and income level chosen.
There is a Beneficiary on death
Life Annuity
You receive an income for life at a set percentage and a set yearly increase
with or without a Beneficiary on death
Fixed / Guaranteed Annuity
Your income is set for a period and there after it can change according to the fund value.
There is no beneficiary on death
What to do when I retire?
1. Prepare an expense budget.
2. Prioritize the expenses.
3. Request a quote and let us determine if your pension fund can  pay for all the expenses.
4. We will contact you to discuss the best option.
Complete our form below and after a complete assessment of your situation and the products you have we will provide you with a solution that will suite you the best

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Frequently asked questions
Goals of a Pension fund

The primary goals  is to maintain your standard of living.
With over 90% of people not able to retire with the same income as there last salary, sufficient fund management and growth is required to maintain an income that will provide the minimum required income per month to survive on. Capital growth is important to keep up with inflation.
Unfortunately a lower income is the result of poor or neglected savings strategies.
How much tax am I going to pay when I retire.
Your monthly tax is determined by the total income you receive.
The tax you are going to pay when you take a lump sum can be seen on the
(Always do your taxes even if your income is below the minimum threshold)
How do we invest your money
On a living annuity growth on your funds depend on the funds that we use at the investment house.
The FACT SHEETS or details about the funds can be seen by following the link.
Explaining the market
(if you have questions contact us)
Why does my fund value fluctuate

What about fees
There are different fees on a annuity
1. Fees charged by the fund manager
2. Performance fees
3. Platform fees
4. Financial Advisor fees.
Fact about fees: It does not matter what the fees are but it it has been proven that the experience of your advisor is more important than the fees they charge.
Market conditions cannot be influenced by your advisor, but he can assist you in correctly handling those conditions.
 Who is our supporting product suppliers
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Allan Gray
Old Mutual
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